Welcome to Spectrum Birth Services

Labor Support/Doula Services
Accomplished, professional birth support to empower mothers and couples on their unique birth journey.
Childbirth Education
Comprehensive childbirth and newborn preparation in interactive, evidence-based classes for first-time parents or those needing a refresher.
Meet Us
Jen Jester, Julia Cooper, Shannon Lawton-O'Boyle and Kim Martino-Sexton

Welcome to Spectrum Birth!

Spectrum Birth is a premier resource for ALL St. Louis-Metro East families. Spectrum Birth offers an array of services to prepare, educate, coach and support parents from preconception through the early childhood years of parenting. Our programs and services are tailored to meet the needs of your unique family-style.

We are a collaboration of community-conscious education and coaching professionals, with a focus on inclusive and holistic care for growing families of all styles and backgrounds. Spectrum Birth is committed to creating unique programs that not only benefit traditional families, but have in mind the specific structures and challenges facing  families of Other designations, including: LGBTQ*, adoptive/surrogate, and other non-traditional family systems. Additionally, we recognize the obvious disparities in health care and support services typically available to families of color as well as those of culturally and economically diverse backgrounds. We are committed to providing services and educational programming that helps to bridge the gaps that currently exist in parenting support.

No matter where you are on your parenting journey, Spectrum Birth would like the opportunity to accompany you as you make your way along this life-changing path. We invite you to make use of our experience to guide and support you through this transformational process. As parents and professionals, we have developed The Resource that we wish we’d had — Spectrum Birth.

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